Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen


US 1995

Donor can be seen as science fiction of the present. We think about technology that already exists, but give implications to non-technologists in an attempt to see effects their effects on the unconscious psyche, on the archetypal human struggle. To portray this struggle, we manipulate the conventions of narrative. Storytelling becomes a strategy by which essential moods and feelings can transfer from character to viewer. This identification with character causes a feel first - think later reaction. The reaction, once felt, can not be retraced and must enter the playing field with other, so called real events. Donor examines the new psychological terrain up by the total quantification of the human body. With the inventions of new kinds of medical technologies that provide solutions to human infertility, we are several steps closer to the creation of human life envisioned by Shelly's Dr. Frankenstein. Donor uses Frankenstein's technology to posit fertilization as a new area of home economics.

U-Matic LB NTSC, 5:10 min