Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Do as much damage as you can

DE 2012

The globally connected youth, cool Berliners, hip Parisians, digital Bohemians and the urban precariat, in short the consumers of ARTE Creative – they are suffering. Ground down by efficiency optimising work mania, job search, designed self, and the beginnings of hair loss, the bubble they see bursting is not the real estate market, it’s their dreams. But how much is our self image today really painted over by capitalism? Must I rethink my ideals and when yes, how do I free myself from the old ones? Did I forget my grandma on the keep-fit trail for my ego? And who will come to my birthday party, and why? With the performance series 15 ways to feel better Sebastian Haslauer seeks alternatives. He offers no answers but prompts us to engage in self observation on the basis of simple examples: What’s good for me? What do I miss? Which rules must I obey, which do I want to obey?

HD, col, 5 min