Die gemordete Stadt

Root Event

DVD-Präsentation Die moderne Stadt
Die gemordete Stadt
BRD 1965
© Manfred Durniok Foundation, Berlin

The first critically witty book on the matter of modern urban planning which was released in 1964 by publisher and essayist Wolf Jobst Siedler, Die gemordete Stadt. Abgesang auf Putte und Straße, Platz und Baum, caused some trouble. 
In the introduction Siedler declares the work which was mutually published together with Elisabeth Niggemeyer and Gina Angress to have been grounded on ironic affection for the past. But in the same time his arguments against the contemporary principles – against terraced housing and housing slabs, grid-like facades and roughcast, motorway and supermarket – necessarily was contradictuous in itself. He declares not to refuse new inventions in general, but he attacks the “loss of common space in cities which had had existed from Babylon until Berlin in the imperial era and created a certain feeling of living which is: an emotional feel of a city.“

Manfred Durniok, BRD 1965, 40 min