Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Die Experten

work in progress 2019

Greece, August 2018. The last rescue loan has been transferred and the Grexit has been averted. Now experts and consultants are in demand: dual training, certificates, cadastral surveying.

"The Experts" observes the work of German (local) politicians, civil servants and investors in Greece. Against the backdrop of the economic crisis and the heated media climate of recent years, how are we approaching each other?

How do German actors see themselves when they come to Greece and what expectations do they have there?

Observant and subtle, gestures, nuances and naturalness are captured in documentary miniatures that enter into a dialogue with essayistic short films.

Interwoven in thematic strands, the two documentary variations develop an overall picture that does not claim to be complete, but conveys a feeling for structures and negotiations.

The development of the prototype of the project took place during the werkleitz Professional Media Master Class 2018/2019.