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Der Tag eines unständigen Hafenarbeiters [A Day in the Life of an Itinerant Longshoreman]

BRD 1966

Der Tag eines unständigen Hafenarbeiters traces the daily routine of an unsalaried worker and his family in and around the Port of Hamburg. Produced by WDR, a German public broadcasting company, the film consists of black-and-white photographs by Leonore Mau and three short moving-image sequences. The commentary includes the language of the longshoremen, which Hubert Fichte got to know at the Hamburg basement bar Die Palette and later incorporated into his novel Die Palette [The Palette] from the year 1968. From 1962 onwards Fichte and Mau lived and worked together. The photo films that resulted are largely unknown treasures of West German television history.

Leonore Mau, Hubert Fichte, BRD 1966, 13 min