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Das Populistische Paradies

DE 2006

Populist Paradise is a platform for charming utopians, charismatic visionaries, and demagogical desperados. Here, hopes are fueled and hearts massaged: a lot is promised and even more promises are kept!

In search of a paradise in the here and now, for the first time the musician Bernadette La Hengst presents for her twin sister, Linda La Hengst, a practicing populist on the streets of Berlin. For four months, Linda’s startling actions were accompanied by video camera and beamed to the stage. There, Bernadette commented on them, set them to music, and confronted them with the base of the movement - the public.

Now that the Berlin paradise construction site has been brought to a preliminary close, the paradise team is currently on a pan-European mission, daily infecting new brains and hearts. Everywhere in the Euro zone, imitation paradises are springing up. In the fall, the paradise movement will again take course for Saxony-Anhalt, and on 9th of September will welcome paradise-political activity at the Werkleitz Biennale.

Come, help build the paradise!

Performance von Bernadette La Hengst, Till Müller-Klug, Cal McBride
Featuring: Knarf Rellöm, Pastor Leumund, lokale Spezialgäste
Videosatellitentechnik: Gerko Egert

Das Populistische Paradies