Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

The Ark Project

work in progress 2019

The website interface – ‘Feynman Radio’, a hypothetical time machine, allows us to take a look into the deep future, a seemingly deserted world on the edge of time. We uncover fossilized life, abandoned cities, colossal earth works. Picking up radio transmissions from different epochs we learn the Babylonian account of the great Flood, global warming chronicles, exotic end-of-the-universe scenarios and lyrical accounts of a personal existential Deluge.

The story unfolds in several layers: video footage, audio narration, textual commentary; the user can choose between a seamless immersive experience or pause and apprehend certain theoretical aspects separately.

We investigate the concept of the ‘Great Flood’ and ‘Noah’s Ark’ in its mythological, climatic, psychical and finally cosmological connotations. We discover a new perspective on the fragility of human condition in the face of environmental and mental risks.

The development of the prototype of the project took place during the werkleitz Professional Media Master Class 2018/2019.