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Cutting, …the Subject of egoism*

DE 2021

In Tomasz Domański's latest performance a tree belonging to cultural symbols of life and knowledge will appear again, connecting the world of man and nature. The title Cutting describes the action performed and the punishment and spectacle that accompanies its infliction. Cutting will be another return to the motif of man-tree, ever present in Tomasz Domański's works. It began with a find from 2007— a piece of tree, empty on the inside, covered with bark, bringing to mind an organic shell abandoned by a powerful animal. When the artist put it on, it became his shelter, his solitude, but also his armor and a vehicle for transformation: "Physically and mentally I almost became a tree. I wandered with the hollowed out trunk on my back imagining various projections; I experienced the weight of the cross, the loneliness of Don Quixote, and even participated in personal tree therapy as I walked the streets and fields embraced by the tree. My dead trunk provided me with a super natural feeling of belonging to the ecosystem [...]." - he wrote about the experience. It resulted in the video work “I Am More Tree Than a Person”, two parts of which were made in 2008. These are recordings showing Domański wandering like a hermit crab through natural and urbanized landscapes. In 2010, both video parts were included in the installation "The Return of the Man Called a Tree", where they were seen by the audience next to swaying trunks moving like pendulums. In this installation, touch, movement, and the poignant sound of wooden blocks being pushed by hands build an unsettling experience for the participants. These works are far from didactic, infused with the environmental concerns of an unwitting participant in the Anthropocene.

19th Media Art Biennale WRO REVERSO 2021
REVERSO – inversion and conversion. Exiting the gallery and entering the studio, as well as the open air and city space as an art scene. The launch of various paths of contact between viewers and participants includes a multi-month programme of presentations, taking place both in real exhibition spaces in Wrocław and in galleries and exhibition halls of other places. It includes external and internal artistic actions and activities, providing comprehensive access to contemporary art and its popularisation on various platforms combining reality and the digital.

REVERSO REDUX is a programme of performative events of the 19th Biennale WRO REVERSO, achieved in cooperation with WRO’s Polish and international partners, which not only presents the most interesting trends in new media art, but is also an experiment in new forms of presentation of actions co-created and broadcast live. The formula of the events assumes a series of symmetrical and synchronised shows in two locations. One of them is always Wroclaw, the other – the events of the Biennale's partners; it is a new ecology of conversation with a viewer weary of digitalization in a world of limited contact and perception. REVERSO REDUX is a form of presentation of media art in an international context alternative to online formats, AR or VR. On the one hand, REDUX is a return to or restoration (from latin redux, reducere) of a former state, and on the other, an attempt to broaden or transcend the traditional mode of reception.

Performance by Tomasz Domański (PL), livestream from the WRO Media Art Biennale Reverso in Wroclaw

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