Critical Studies - Manyfacture

Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut

Parent Event

Werkleitz Biennale 2004 Common Property Halle School of Common Property
Critical Studies - Manyfacture
27. 8. to 31. 8. 2004

The workshop is initiated by the participants of Critical Studies, a program of the Malmö Art Academy and the Rooseum, Center for Contemporary Art.

The seminar deals with art as knowledge production and its possibilities to interact or reflect with the surrounding fields - be they abstract or concrete, political, social or aesthetic. In addition, lines of connection between the term ‘knowledge production’ and existing structures such as copyrights, file sharing and mediation will be traced.

The participants, with their various theoretical, artistic and curatorial backgrounds, will create an open structure within the workshop that will enable new interpretations of ‘knowledge as a common good’ to be reached.