Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Copyright Slavery

DE 2004

In a convertible they built themselves, based on a simple cubic form and lined with a tartan pattern, Der Plan drive through the narrow streets of a fictitious town. The road topping is pure gold, the legendary Yellow Brick Road from L. Frank Baum's fairy-tale 'The Wizard of Oz' interpreted as an allegory of the gold standard. On their way, they encounter the Three Buildings of different authorities and organizations, the symbols of surveillance and copyrights, like GEMA and the patent office. Der Plan blows the buildings up and, relieved, continue driving down the street which is lined with children who join in and sing. The children symbolise the future. As soon as they are born they are already subjected to the regimentations of copyrights stemming from the past.

DE 2004, Video, 2:30 min, Musik: Der Plan, OF

Copyright Slavery