Born in the GDR

DE 1989

In 1988, Bruce Springsteen made a legendary appearance in the GDR at a "concert in support of Nicaragua" within the framework of the "5 FDJ rock summer." According to the official GDR view, the event was a failure: Not only did the audience wave homemade Stars and Stripes, they also enthusiastically sang along to “Born in the USA”. Despite the fact that the song’s text is actually critical of America, Bruce Springsteen shared at least one opinion of his unpopular President Reagan—he, too, demanded the demolition of "barriers" (=Wall). Katharina Witt, who announced the guest star, was mercilessly booed off stage. As a result, the GDR-band Sandow recorded a parody of the song entitled, Born in the GDR, which led to its becoming the unofficial anthem for reunification.

Video, 4 min

Sandow - Born in the G.D.R