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Borderline Disorder: Episode 6: Pic-nic

MX/US 2008

The freedom of the West ends at the heavily guarded Mexican border. The Mexican and American governments produce TV ads and internet clips designed to deter Mexicans from even attempting to cross the border and to raise awareness of the dangers that are involved if they do. Gabriela Monroy, a Mexican resident in the USA, in turn produces anti-clips: Borderline Disorder: Episode 6: Pic-nic captures in a single shot the entire tragedy implicit in this situation for so many people. The massive, inhumane fence, clearly reminiscent of Germany’s former internal border, is a potent reminder also of Reagan’s plea in 1987: “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Gabriela Monroy, MX/US 2008, 2 Min. (International Premiere)

Borderline Disorder: Episode 6: Pic-nic