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Biotechcitylimits >> Innovationspotentiale runterrechnen

DE 2004

Across the globe, huge economic hopes are placed in the development of biotechnology and genetic engineering. Professional PR campaigns target various interest groups and deal, in a seemingly discriminate way, with the wide-spread rejection by the population. Structurally weak regions and cities, in particular, are building their biotech parks in locational competition with each other and declaring themselves biotech cities. Communication service providers, research institutions, seed marketers, biotech corporations, and politics work hand in hand. Innovation potentials are conjured up, workplaces are hallucinated, and promotional and research funds are freed. Ecological consequences and impacts on health are assessed, turned into limiting values, refuted, rated as negligible, and cast in labelling duties and cultivation laws. While nature's gene pool was to a large extent located on the level of "open source" until now, in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering the aim of profit maximisation is essentially based on a new privatisation of nature and knowledge.

With a highly flexible exhibition stand / communications headquarters, Biotechcitylimts provides a place for examining the economic framework conditions and communications strategies of the biotech sector, and for collecting and exchanging knowledge. From documentation to critical intervention.

Biotechcitylimits >> Innovationspotentiale runterrechnen