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Aus westlichen Richtungen

DE 2016

Aus westlichen Richtungen* (From the West) opens with the children’s question of what “the West” means beyond a cardinal direction, then it goes on to retrace how the West, as a model of society, inscribed itself in the Federal Republic of Germany’s post-war history. Unidentified city views, drives on the highway and through suburbs and industrial zones alternate with the interior of a house being cleared out. The film’s search movements shift from modern architecture and property relations to passed-down memories of a time when the parents of the filmmaker were members of a 1970s communist splinter group. Over and over, the rallying point is the single-family home – which Adenauer once touted as a bastion against the East and which Engels, much earlier, had decried as a tool for quashing rebellion.

Juliane Henrich, DE 2016, 61 min

Trailer "Aus westlichen Richtungen"