Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

(as if) beauty never ends


my thoughts fly through the air
like an eagle wings soaring high above
i am faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive,
i am able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
i die
i restoreth my soul
you rule over me and i will have nothing to do with it,
your are not my master, nor my slave
stealing visions
mixing blood
breaking nation
hope springs eternal
no borders are free,
those within our own minds are even more
separating us
islands stitched together
perishing thought
sanctioned dreams
it is another sickening time we are in. as if it ever ends.

What is it that makes you want to run out and grab a gun, a bomb, a tank, a plane and blow the world to bits? It is not a lack of memory or a misplaced notion of history, it is because the body doesn’t forget the experiences it has gone through. It feels the wounds you carry, of you, your family and friends. The fascist leaders, robber barons, and their cronies – large and small – steal our lives. They destroy our livelihood, demolish our homes, decimate and humiliate us at every turn and are deceptive in their lies and arbitrary in their infliction. Nobody cares about facts, about what actually happened: who exiled whom, who took over what, and what is being said about it. Those in power act only in their own interests, there is no surprise in that. Why then do their repressed subjects follow their lead. Beauty still needs a place. The corpses with their rotting flesh remind us of the massacres; why we forget those caracasses and the lives that were once lived, why we savor their loss and the revisionist history that is imposed and consumed: sheeplike, lapped up, and swallowed. Dystopia reigns supreme coveting the threads of hope that we keep intact. The disgusting contemptible rhetoric of peace plans and unfulfilled resolutions are enforced when will colludes with private interest. The visible body cuts; in space we seek escape. We are living and dying in another sickening time, as if it never ends.

Jayce Salloum

One of four video works for "Lunch in the ashes". Container installation, exhibited in Tornitz and Werkleitz, video, approx. 15 min.