Two Days at the Falls: Premiere @ Arsenal Berlin


EMARE .move ON commissionTwo Days at the Falls by EMARE fellow Isabell Spengler will be shown on 15 November as Split Screen film version at Arsenal in Berlin. In Isabell Spengler's installation we are presented with two panoramic video depictions of the iconic Niagara Falls - one that was created onsite and the other, filmed in a three-dimensional model, constructed by the artist in her Berlin studio having never visited the Falls. This second model is an embodiment of the artist's preconceived notions of the place - a distillation of ideas based on a multitude of images, films, texts and digital replicas depicting the famous site.
Alongside these fictional falls, we are confronted with the same 360-degree pan over the actual cataract and surrounding landscape, shot on location in Niagara Falls, Ontario, in March 2015 when the falls happened to be partially frozen. The adjacent screens play with concepts of anticipation, imagination, time and place.