Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

Aktionsraum - Global battles against the privatisation of the means of subsistence

The policies enforced by the IMF and WTO of standardising on a world-wide level trade regulations and economic processes are essentially based on the introduction and implementation of standardised property rights according to Western guidelines. While the enforcement of these rights secures access to ever new markets and cheap resources for corporations of the North, it endangers or destroys other local and indigenous societal and economic orders. Everywhere on the fringes of the economised world, existential struggles against the privatisation of the means of subsistence are therefore taking place. Three information columns dispersed across the Volkspark deal with these currently ongoing negotiations on what remains of common property. They show video clips and news reports on various actions, initiatives and campaigns all over the world that are fighting against the private-sector exploitation of indigenous knowledge and traditional curative treatments, against the patenting of seeds, the privatisation of water, ground and information, and against the access to the natural (genetic) resources of the local flora and fauna. The displayed material is from the Internet and accessible via open forums, information networks and open sources. Curator Peter Spillmann