Übergordnete Werke und Veranstaltungen

a.g.v. – t.e.u.

DE 2007

The global use of the TEU container (twenty-foot equivalent unit) has led to the homogenization of work processes and the standardized, and thus far less expensive, transport of commodities. The functional requirements of containers now determine how the facilities and logistics of international ports are conceived. a.g.v. – t.e.u. surveys the phenomenon of the container from the perspectives of a container crane operator, a crane operation instructor, a processing manager, a container repair technician and a media scholar. Focusing on the ports in Hamburg and Bremerhaven, the extensive automation of container terminals is shown, as workers appear to play a minor role in an industrial landscape virtually devoid of humans.

Olaf Sobczak, DE 2007, 15 min

a.g.v. – t.e.u.