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Respeto y Justicia!

D 1998

Respeto y Justicia!

By law, authorities, media and the German regulars migrants and refugees living here „without papers“, without permit, are called „illegals“. But as a matter of fact, it is the political situation determined by others which forces them into a life of illegality, they become illegalized.
There are different reasons for a life in illegality, i.e. rejected petitions for asylum (there are hardly any approvals of petitions in the meantime anymore), expiring residence tolerations of refugees from civil war regions, withdrawals of residence permits effected by conviction via criminal law, expired visa, working permits which are not prolonged, loss of residence permits caused by divorce.
Illegalized women in particular are confronted with sexist and racist discrimination. Frequently „employers“ take advantage of the precarious situation of women without papers - as an example, many women are not being paid for their work.
We are a merged initiative of women-lesbian groups. We help illegalized women and their children to organize their daily life. Indispensable necessities are appartments, work, medical care, legal advise and money to live 1 .

1 For the concept of A-clips, see: Sub Fiction Catalog, Vol. 1, Werkleitz 1998

A-clip (D), Respeto y Justicia!, 1998, Video, 2:00 min, col