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D 1997

A-clip part 1 (1997); A-clip part 2 (1998)

Together with other projects for the „InnenStadtAktionen", the „A-clip" project was presented for the first time at the „minus96" congress in Berlin. The first compilation of the „A-clip" was closely connected to the InnenStadtAktionen which was taking place in several cities from the 2nd to the 8th of July 1997. During that time, the „A-clip" had sreenings in the supporting programme of many cinemas. The clips are still distributed today.

„A-clip" is an ambulant city-political cinema-window, as an attempt to be part of the process of forming public opinion and ideas, involving subcultural minority positions. The first compilation of 1997 was focused on „internal security ond privatisation- projection and exclusion". It was initiated in the context of the countrywide campaign „InnenStadtAktionen" which was taking action as well as seeking public attention against the turning of public space into places of fun and consumption and the social and economic limitations. The Clips were produced on video, edited on a home computer and transferred to 35mm.

self-description of A-clip

At this point, the second compilation of the „A-clip" is in the stage of preparation/production, and this time it is not linked directly to „InnenStadtAktionen". Productions which will be finished by the beginning of September 1998 will be presented as a preview during the Werkleitz Biennale. By the end of the year they are estimated to be screened countrywide in the supporting programmes of cinemas. Detailed information on the authors, the conditions of production and the artistic intention of „A-clip" may be looked up in the interview „ ... one and a half minutes in the advertising block", documented in the catalogue.

The screening is going to include:
Compilation 1: a sung resolution and nine clips for the cinema's advertising block (one to two minutes each): „Kontiminator", „EU-Citylet", „Egoland", „Haupstadt des Verdrängten", „Infosäule", „Gentrification Qu' est-ce que c'est", „Hate now pay later", „B-Aktie", „Customers only"
Compilation 2: pieces of the second edition of „A-clip" which are finished by September 1998

A-clip 1997: verschiedene AutorInnen, D, 9 Clips, ca. 15 min
A-clip 1998: verschiedene AutorInnen, D, Preview: Auswahl der neuen Clips