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#Extinction Capitalism


DE 2021

In 1971, a group of engineers designed the first commercial microprocessor in history, Intel 4004. This event marked a decisive moment in recent history, as for the first time it was possible to translate intelligence to an inanimate object. Interestingly, while humanity began a never-ending process based on perfecting and increasing the power of this new artificial intelligence, the planet's wildlife began to become extinct at an exorbitant rate. According to a study published in 2014 by the WWF, since 1970 humanity has wiped out 50% of the planet's species. It seems that there might be a correlation between the ubiquity of microprocessors, and the rise of their computational power, and the acceleration of extinction processes. Artist and researcher Joana Moll’s new project is based on the hypothesis that humanity nourishes more its relationship with machines than with its life-giving ecosystems, and that the acceleration of extinction processes is correlated with the geometric explosion of technocapitalism.

Lecture with Joana Moll (ES), moderated by José Luis de Vicente (ES)

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