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3 Beiträge Aktuelle Kamera (DDR)

DDR 1979

This selection of clips from the East German news programme Aktuelle Kamera conveys an idea of the restructuring of the Mansfeld Combine during the last decade of the GDR. These excerpts show rationalization measures related to new patent solutions for the recycling of valuable residue from the copper smelting process, the growing share of industrial commodity production in the overall production output and investments in microelectronics. The Mansfeld Combine retrained former miners and mill workers to work in its automation department in order to increase efficiency by means of in-house designed computer solutions. The fourth television report from February 1990 shows the shutting down of one of the Combine’s oldest mills, the Ilsenburg Copper Mill, due to excessive environmental damage.

Aktuelle Kamera vom 15.10.1979: Patentierte Verfahren im Mansfeld-Kombinat/Hütte Helbra, 3'
Aktuelle Kamera vom 7.12.1986: Plandurchführung im VEB Mansfeld Kombinat „Wilhelm Pieck“, 2'
Aktuelle Kamera vom 15.12.1988: Effektivitätszuwachs im VEB Mansfeld Kombinat „Wilhelm Pieck“, 2'