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DE 2013

At the age of 13 Manuela's son Peter has locked in himself into his room. At the age of 18 the few square meters long have become his world. In bad times he goes out only to the bathroom. In better times he would share a time with Manuela at the kitchen table. Manuela is the only one who accompanies him truely whilst his father and grandparents lost patience years ago. She is the one to take one step forward and two steps back with the "lost son". The second son Hans is there, too, but taking care of Peter requires all her attention. Most of all she feels oppressed by the unknown: Is she doing too much? Did she betray Peter when she forced him to take the psychiatric medication? Or are Peter's increasing break-outs of aggression indeed the sign to a concrete affection? How to deal with it when rejects her as well? Anyway, how has it come to this? Each time when her son dares to go out for a walk around the block at night, each moment when he seems to feel raindrops on his skin are rare moments of bliss.

Marcel Ahrenholz, DE 2013, 79 min

14 Arten, den Regen zu beschreiben