The Actors of Subliminal History

Root Event

werkleitz Biennale 2006 Happy Believers

Parent Event

Filmprogramm Utopie und Gegenwart
The Actors of Subliminal History
RO 2004

Who is it that makes history? Who is the main character at those moments when history seems to be felt, seen, controlled even, through the intensity to which it asserts its presence in what stops to be every day life and becomes destiny? And if the answer to this question is the masses, what exactly determines them to clarify their intentions, to agree upon them and to act together, in order to achieve them? Or, to what extent do they actually do that? Finally, what is the role of the individual in history, be it the supreme leader or a simple subject from the masses?

This work shows a mad scale celebration of the nation/dictator in Ceausescu’s Romania. The platforms handled by the masses obliged to gather on the stadium, depicting glorious images of the president, show, for a prophetic second, the image of his corpse, immediately after the execution.
Cosmin Costinas

Christian Pogacean does not belive in the striking evidence of the physical forms, not in the flexible reality of history and its mythologies … He senses danger in the encounter between fabricated forms and collective obsessions … But this doesn’t stop him from irresponsibly playing in society’s dream factory, in the dark room of the engineering department where errors, malformations and monstrosities occur. Christian Pogacean does not really believe in anything but in the freedom to change one’s mind.

(Cosmin Costinas)

2:50 min