Sanctus, Sanctus

Root Event

werkleitz Biennale 2006 Happy Believers

Parent Event

Filmprogramm Utopie und Gegenwart
Sanctus, Sanctus
GDR 1988

1st of May 1988 in Berlin, capital of the German Democratic Republic. Struggle and holiday of the workers, of the socialist workers’ and peasants’ state.

In a Russian colour TV, ‘Raduga’: Images of the May Day rally. Then, in black-and-white, the ritual: The entire ensemble of the German State Opera Berlin, led by the theatre-manager, pays homage to the leadership of the German Democratic Republic. The soundtrack is “Sanctus” sung by Pavarotti. (From: “Grande Messe des Morts” by Hector Berlioz.)
What follows is dissolution, removal of borders, night.
Thomas Werner

Thomas Werner is a filmmaker from Berlin. He works mainly on documentaries. For teaching purposes, he produces hypermedia CD-Roms. He also does filmic work for the theatre and independent work as a VJ. Photographs by Thomas Werner have been shown in various exhibitions.

Thomas Werner
GDR 1988, 12 min, dt