dispossession/ reappropriation

Root Event

Werkleitz Jubiläums Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden

Parent Event

Utopien vermeiden Ausstellungsparcours
dispossession/ reappropriation
Ghardaia, 2009, © Kader Attia
dispossession/ reappropriation, 2013, © Kader Attia
dispossession/ reappropriation, 2013, © Kader Attia
© Wieland Krause
dispossession/ reappropriation, 2013, © Kader Attia
© Jeno Eugène Detvay

Kader Attia’s (*1970) allegorical work is founded on the notion of cultural reappropriation. Born in France to Algerian parents, the artist’s multi-layered works come out of his ongoing research into cultural identity and the history of mentality in the West and in the Middle East. The complex relationships between East and West are woven into colonial history, and the artist has carried them as baggage on countless journeys between Europe and Africa. The piece dispossession/reappropriation (2009/2013), commissioned by the Werkleitz Festival, visualises contexts of representation focusing on basic questions of the essence of what is human. A seemingly unreal photograph made by the artist in 2009 in the oasis region of Ghardaïa, Algeria in the middle of the Sahara is juxtaposed with a recent photograph from the Holzplatz in Halle showing nature growing back in the midst of industrial ruins like a memento mori. Both images are presented in the type of light boxes used for advertisements.