Your Own Personal Jesus

Root Event

werkleitz Biennale 2006 Happy Believers
Your Own Personal Jesus
8. 9. 2006

“Your own, personal, Jesus – someone to hear your prayers – someone who cares.”
These lyrics by Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode), written at the end of the eighties, have since been strategically put into practice by global market players, and eagerly anticipated and picked up by contemporary Western society. Our individual desires to come to grips with life and its temptations lead to a continuously changing and highly differentiated array of personal beliefs, in an attempt to address and focus on the self and bypass institutionalised and dogmatic religions. This tendency has been well picked up by, amongst others, the game industry, as illustrated here by the five Sony PlayStation clips that formed their advertising campaign over the past few years. Visit Your Third World, one PlayStation ad recites. Or, in Martin L. Gore’s words, “reach out and touch faith”.
Watch the devoted fans in Michael Koch’s football high-mass We Are the Faithful, witness the shamanistic celebration of cutlery and a Sony video camera in Calin Dan’s sony/wmf/pp and be confronted with yourself in Sandwichman by Lara Rettondini and Oscar Brito.

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