What vision ist left and is anyone asking! (Crass, 1981)

Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut
What vision ist left and is anyone asking! (Crass, 1981)
3. 9. 2004

„By means of playing and commenting on records, video snippets + sound documents, several exemplary cases of collective self-empowerment will be narrated + documented. The issue is to reveal how and through which contents and forms music groups, tribes and nomads created + create networks, how + for which reasons they failed or how they survived + still survive. The theme is also their relation to emancipatory movements + political organizations (SDS/Weather Underground/K1/globalisation opponents…). Collective modes of production + militant interventions as forms of political work are hardly visible today + generally denigrated. One can rarely hear in present-day productions how they were produced + what attitude the music producers have towards the existing social system. It is therefore all the more important to present past + current emancipatory projects in order to incite a debate on more collectivity + to open up the possibility of militant critique.“

Friends of Pong, 7/20/2004