Wandbild, Halle

Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut
Wandbild, Halle
Michaela Melián, Flyer zum Wandbild für "Atelier Europa", Kunstverein München, 2004

Michaela Melián’s works are distinguished by a complex contextualisation of relations between individuals and social systems. Clearly defined places, societal attributions and historical determinations are questioned in their one-dimensional readability.

In her murals, Michaela Melián makes use of characteristic figures, objects, symbols, and signs that count as elements of specific recording systems. The format of murals was often used in urban space to make public in a generally comprehensible way political and cultural codes. Melián’s murals refer to this tradition and repeat motifs that are tightly linked with the history and identification of the exhibition venue. In the exibition “Atelier Europa”, the artist juxtaposes historical individuals from Munich’s glamorous Bohemia with collective phenomena such as revolution, communes and reform movements. In her latest piece for the Volkspark, Michaela Melián works with citations of Socialist murals, the notion of artists’ collectives, and the utopia of modern housing construction in East and West (Halle-Neustadt/München-Neuperlach). The drawing stamped on the wall disintegrates in pixels and denies an unambiguous handwriting or attribution.