Unendlich fast...

Root Event

3. Werkleitz Biennale 1998 sub fiction

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Unendlich fast...
DE 1998

The user of the Internet usually has a clear expectation as to what they are going to see on the screen of their computer. They assume that information is transferred in a clear and direct way - designed in a graphic language which is easy to read and to navigate. Moreover, they expect „clickable” alternatives which lead to other documents within or outside the Site. On the technical level, the pages should all be so small, that the loading time is short.

In the Internet, too, an offer has to draw the visitor’s attention in a few seconds. Since the average stay on one site is ten minutes, it is assumed that the starting page has to be especially attractive and fast loading. Otherwise the visitor might leave the site before the starting page is transferred completely.
Since „Unendlich, fast…” consits of only one page, the visitor who is used to commercial sites gets confused by that already. A single page with a single picture (small stars and lines, graphic of an eps file screen shot of the sign for infinity - so the author) which is placed at a certain spot, waiting for discovery.

The first thing the visitor sees is a completely blue page which instantly opens on the screen. A tremendous blue - limited only by the vertical and horizontal scroll bars. They are the only possibility to navigate within this space. That kind of interaction which is intended by the author, raises the question for the visitor whether there is anything more and where it could be. The search ends on the picture which is not „clickable” and seemingly depicts stars. There is no way out of this space. Nothing to click on. Nothing leading to another document. The only way out of the site is the browser itself by using the back button or by typing in a new address.

Holger Friese refuses the systems of order and signs which are offered to the visitor on other sites. A single page without internal links or „ways out” to other offers. There is only the search for the possibly existing.

Hélia Vannuchi, Eine Untersuchung des kreativen Prozesses im Werk „Unendlich, fast …”

Holger Friese (D), Unendlich fast …