Subjektive Wahrheiten

Root Event

werkleitz Biennale 2006 Happy Believers
Subjektive Wahrheiten
7. 9. 2006

The program deals with faith as a counterbalance to the rational approach to the world: not calculability, measurability and certainty of existence are to the fore, but reality as idea, as that which an individual person sees, feels or believes.
A miracle tells of the faith in believing or of being able to see something with one’s own eyes. In the process, reverent belief, the ‘trust in God’ regarding the existence of supernatural realities, and amazement in disbelief alternate. Individual views of a manifestation of a special kind are shown. Saving the World accompanies the attempts of a single person to intervene in the events of the world, it documents the self-appointment to a chosen one who wants to save the world from its nuclear doom.
Both films open up different parallel worlds and give insights into subjective truths from the experience of practices of religious faith and personal conviction.