Sound 8 Orchestra

Root Event

Werkleitz Anniversary Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden
Film concert
Sound 8 Orchestra
19. 10. 2013
Sound 8 Orchestra, © Sound 8 Orchestra (Foto: Oli Siebold)

“Retrofuturism with its tongue in its cheek: we observe the present time by focussing on how people in the past imagined the future.” Matthias Wyder

Easy listening, disco beats, B-movie soundtracks and psychedelic electro sounds, shaken not stirred, poured over a high percentage sound mix of Lee Perry, Add N To (X), Sun Ra and John Barry, confected with legendary Korg synthesizers, effect machines, samplers, Hawaii guitars, drums and naturally the obligatory home organ, then served up with super 8 projectors and a pile of found footage home movies: A recipe for non-stop dancing and optical trash. Retrofuturism at its best.