Root Event

2. Werkleitz Biennale 1996 Cluster Images

Parent Event

BRD 1996

Release is a work of destruction. Four takes out of King Kong were divided digitally into thousands of fragments. Their fast succession generates - due to the inertia of the human eye - a new, almost organic movement. In this field of tension between staccato montage and slow motion the tied up Fay Wray stands being delievered to the look of the viewer (monster). The exaggerated gestures of the struggling woman in the loops develops in the synthetic as well as archaic appearing sound a narrative structure of its own, striding through all the levels of fear and lust. Strange side scenes occur: the due to the montage constantly blinking buttons of her dress remind not only to the formal principle on which Release is based on, they appear as signals from another world, the one of the computer, a code not comprehandable for humans (just like the rites of the natives). This contains a substantial aspect of the work, that connects Release and King Kong more than the original material: fear and fascination of the unknown, which go back to primitive times as well as to the future.

Autor des Textes

Marcel Schwierin

video, 10 min