Love is a Treasure

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2010 Angst hat große Augen

Parent Event

Love is a Treasure
FI 2002

The five stories in Love is a Treasure were all taken from interviews with women diagnosed with mental illness and are designed to offer a point-of-view depiction of psychotic episodes.

: A patient in a psychiatric hospital believes that the orderlies coming for her are assassins and hides under her bed where she has prepared to fight for her life. 
 Control: A woman believes that UFOs have contacted her, using coded signals hidden in the flickering of streetlights. They tell her how they are the secret protectors of Earth’s environment and have reduced noise levels for human hearing but have granted her special insight because she speaks quietly. 
Silta Bridge
: While crossing a bridge, a mother finds that she can no longer go on and must crawl across. Wind: A woman living alone in her apartment regularly trashes her belongings and lives amongst the mess, while at the same time strangers keep entering the apartment. 
: A woman living on her own in a house in the country believes that her car outside has a life of its own and is entering the house, and also that time and causality are breaking down and she can hear and see disconnected events.

Eija-Liisa Ahtila, FI 2002, 35mm, col, 57 min