Kate Miller (Figure Third)

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2015 .move ON

Parent Event

DJ Set
Kate Miller (Figure Third)
24. 10. 2015

Having grown as a DJ in Melbourne’s house scene, Kate Miller moved to Berlin in 2011 to broaden her musical horizons, and her smile is often to be seen behind the decks of many of the city’s big clubs. Her’s has been a regular face in About Blank, Ipse and in the deep end of Stattbad’s legendary pool before it was sadly closed down. A dedicated DJ, Kate Miller has been extremely prolific since living in the German capital, as well as being active in the socially aware side of the scene by playing for various Refugees Welcome and Female Pressure events. Her style has evolved with Miller’s introduction to Berlin’s techno scene. Her sets are varied and ever evolving, going from the most recent releases to classic old school gems, merging the funky and the dreamy, the uplifting and the dark. One thing is certain though: Kate always gets the people dancing.

Admission: 5€