Root Event

Schaufenster in die Stadt Videorama
1. 3. to 31. 3. 2010
DE 2008
Kassandra, Johanna Reich, 2008
© Johanna Reich, 2008

Johanna Reich’s video performance Cassandra investigates the self-conception of both static and sequential images through several centuries. She is particularly concerned with taking up, or paring down, existing narrations of the Cassandra myth.
Cassandra belongs to the video series “Transformations” which deal with the impact of cinematic technology on the human being. The era of the moving image marks a turning point for visual perception and structures of thought. The video Cassandra shows the human body divided into the physical and the virtual, demonstrated by two layers of skin. The cinematic image as a first layer covers the reality. The selected film clip originates from the movie “Dr. Mabuse “by Fritz Lang and sums up for the power of iconic moving images. Cutting holes into skin is an re-enactment of a work of the Croatian artist Sanja Ivekovic. The re-enactment performed by Johanna Reich connects these two iconic images from two different eras and adapts the connection of the virtual human being then and now. Johanna Reich’s Cassandra shows how a deliberate decision is necessary if we are to see for ourselves.In order to »see« with our own physical senses we must neither avoid the effort nor fear the new start.It is a gesture that requires us to continually reposition our own seeing. 
(source: www. johannareich.com)

Johanna Reich, DE 2008, 4 min Loop