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Root Event

2. Werkleitz Biennale 1996 Cluster Images

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Home Stories
BRD 1991

Home Stories is created out of found material but never the less it is formed of original esprit. Scenes of Hollywood-melodramas are montaged so that the cinema-goddesses get- because of the repetition - the appearence of a stereotype classical victim. The beauties are looking at some kind of threat, that is placed outside of the image. But the only thing that returns to them is the perspective of the spectator. Mueller’s heros have many destinies but only one role. They are representing the observed in a scope where looks can kill. It is amusing that Mueller both analyses the mechanism of voyeurism and therefore he uses the history of film and it’s rule as a base for the own game.

Autor des Textes

Heike Kuehn, Frankfurter Rundschau,1991

16mm, 6 min