Hold Your Ground

Root Event

Werkleitz Anniversary Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden

Parent Event

Hold Your Ground
UK 2012
Hold Your Ground, 2012, © Karen Mirza & Brad Butler

In Hold Your Ground a female performer engages us in an intense and intimate speech act. Her language, however, is not linguistic, rather it is a sort of ‘Ur’-language, a bodily Morse code perhaps, or a gestural semantics whose meaning lies in the affective, rather than cognitive dimension. “Hold Your Ground is a companion piece to a larger film work, scripted in conjunction with the author China Miéville. Inspired by the events of the Arab Spring, and triggered by our discovery in Cairo of a pamphlet of instructions for pro-democracy demonstrators, called ‘How to Protest Intelligently’, the piece dissects the ‘semantics’ of the crowd, and the resulting performative ‘speech act’. Conceived for a site-specific exhibition at Canary Wharf, this work calls forth the struggle to turn ‘fugitive sounds’ into speech, addressing an audience predominantly in transit.” (Karen Mirza and Brad Butler)


col, 13 min