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Werkleitz Festival 2017 Nicht mehr, noch nicht

Parent Event

Curated by Janina Kriszio and Cornelia Lund Terrible Houses in Danger
DE 2016
Bodenerhebungen, Doro Carl, Claudia Reiche, 2016
© Doro Carl, Claudia Reiche
Bodenerhebungen, Doro Carl, Claudia Reiche, 2016 v
© Doro Carl, Claudia Reiche

In the district of Altona in Hamburg, on the former grounds of the Holsten beer brewery and what was once a freight yard, a large new residential area is being constructed. Some of the historical structures are being retained, though they are being converted for other uses. Those who had been using the area were forced to move out. The documentary essay examines the transformation of the property, shows the removal of the remaining inventory, the bulldozers at work and the extraction of soil samples, while presenting a selection of different commentaries. The sterile before-after aesthetic of the visualizations and the future projections of developers is juxtaposed with the less tidy process of urban transformation.

Doro Carl, Claudia Reiche, DE 2016, 20 min