Beobachtungsauftrag des Objektes „Husar“ und der Verbindung „Rolle“

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Werkleitz Festival 2010 Angst hat große Augen

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Beobachtungsauftrag des Objektes „Husar“ und der Verbindung „Rolle“
GDR 1966

Produced for training purposes by the Karl-Marx Town branch of the MfS, the film demonstrates how a surveillance operation should be carried out in the age of cinema. Technical requirements, focal lengths, the clothing of the human “objects” in question as well as a confession that mistakes have been made are shown in fastidious detail, and the images also allow the results of the operation to be judged. What conclusions will be possible to reach following the deployment of eight people over a fourteen-day period of surveillance?

Ministry for State Security (MfS), GDR 1966, 16/2mm, 9 min