Unknown label from Nicolas Gourault is touring in Europe


After his two-month residency at Werkleitz as part of the European Media Art Platform, Nicolas Gourault presents his new work Unknown Label at various venues in Europe.

Unknown Label is the latest work by EMAP artist and Werkleitz fellow Nicolas Gourault, a single or multi-channel video installation of about 16 min in length. The work explores the power dynamics as well as the emancipation attempts of an online community of micro-workers from the global South whose main task is to train self-driving cars for the streets of Western metropolises. Their work consists of sketching objects in pictures and marking them with appropriate labels to identify them. It is a translation work between our world and that of the machine. Unknown Label reveals the hidden workers:inside involved in the training of AI systems and questions the neocolonial dynamics that shape a complex system of outsourcing.

Unknown Label was and will be exhibited:

  • 9/20-22 at the RIXC Festival in Riga, LV.
  • 29.9. at the 30th anniversary of Werkleitz in Halle (Saale), DE
  • 29.9. to 3.12. at Systems exhibition at Vantaa Art Museum Artsi in Helsinki, FI
  • 8.11. to 7.1.2024 in the exhibition Don't Be Evil at Impakt in Utrecht, NL