Dendriten von Juliane Henrich im Kunstverein Wiesbaden


Following on the work, which Juliane Henrich made for this year's Werkleitz Festival Mein Schatz, the artist presents a series of photographs, objects and a video installation at the Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden. In an attempt to make the immaterial of the digital tangible, lines of connection are spun: Between the former mining region of Mansfelder Land with its mines and dumps and the technology of data mining - between the deep black slag rock left over from copper smelting and the data carelessly left behind on the net, which is considered data rubbish but is made usable for data mining processes. For the video installation Dendriten (Dendrites), fragments of the poet Novalis, who was born in the Mansfeld region, were updated by an artificial intelligence.

The work can be seen in the group exhibition Resonanzräume
20 October 2023 - 17 December 2023
Kay Fingerle / Juliane Henrich / Holger Kleine / Ralf Kunze / Theo Steiner

Vernissage - 19 October from 18:00