Zum Wohl des Menschen

Root Event

Filmprogramme 17. und 18. Oktober, jeweils 19:00 und 21:00 im Zazie Neustadt und die neuen Städte
Zum Wohl des Menschen
18. 10. 2014

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Stadtplanung geht alle an, Wolf Lorenz, BRD 1957
Courtesy of Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv

One of the main issues of modern residential building was to improve life conditions in narrow tenement areas from the 19th century. Fresh air, light and sun should provide a healthier environment. The industrialisation of the building sector was sought to be the suitable way to answer worker’s growing demand in affordable housing. Neues Bauen [New construction] was a movement started by modernists before war seeking for new aestetics in building. After 1945 East and West went different ways in striving towards an all-embracing programming of inner-city settlements and transport systems as well as the building of satellite cities in greenfields. Zum Wohl des Menschen is dedicated to humanistic thoughtery behind those ‘cities of tomorrow’ as well as to the question, to which extent their planning, implementation and use corresponds with reality.