XXL: when fashion oversteps borders

Root Event

werkleitz Festival 2008 Amerika

Parent Event

XXL: when fashion oversteps borders
17. 8. to 21. 8. 2008

From Army parkas through jeans to pearly-white ‘wife-beaters’ … In this process-oriented workshop participants are invited to investigate the interplay of textile consumption and counterculture. Armed for a highly practical approach with numerous textiles and sewing utensils, they’ll take a critical look at the political implications of fashion. With an eye on developments across the big pond, themes such as “Black is Beautiful - Obama for President” will be addressed and then translated into fashion scenarios. The workshop further aims to develop a tangible product that consciously alludes to the textile symbolism of North American popular culture.

Workshop 17.8. to 21. 8. 2008 with Stephanie Müller, fashion activist