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Werkleitz Festival 2017 Nicht mehr, noch nicht
Werkleitz Festival 2017 Nicht mehr, noch nicht
22. 10. to 27. 10. 2017
© Werkleitz
© Werkleitz
© Werkleitz

One central element of this year’s Werkleitz Festival are the workshops on observing the city, which will be held in Halle (Saale) and directed by experts in the fields of urban development and design. Three different locations in Halle will be examined and portrayed: Trotha, Halle-Neustädter Südpark, Rossplatz and the outlying area. The workshops will sharpen our observational skills within the urban environment in part by means of digital technology. By recording and sharing these observations we will attempt to initiate a collective reflection on the nature of the city. The workshop programme will begin with a panel discussion on reading and observing the city in which the audience can participate. Each workshop will begin with a public walking tour in which local experts will present an individual area of the city and share their subjective impressions. Public lectures with selected speakers who will present their outside perspective will complement the workshop programme of the 2017 Werkleitz Festival. The processes and results of the workshops will be presented to the public on Saturday, 28 October.


TROTHA (23–27 Oct.)
Instructors: Matthias Görlich, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle,
Konrad Renner and Christoph Knoth, University of the Fine Arts of Hamburg

SÜDPARK (24–27 Oct.)
Instructors: Maike Fraas and Johanna Padge, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

ROSSPLATZ (25.–27. Oct.)
Instructors: Fabienne Hoelzel with Saskia Niklas, State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart 

Public events

Opening of the workshop programme
Sunday, 22 Oct., 4:00 pm

Film programme Hamburg by Cornelia Lund and Janina Kriszio
Sunday, 22 Oct., 5:00 pm

Tour of Trotha, Südpark, Rossplatz
Trotha: Monday, 23 Oct., 10:00–12:00 am
Südpark: Tuesday, 24 Oct., 10:00–12:00 am
Rossplatz: Saturday, 28 Oct., 1:00–3:00 pm

Presentation of workshop processes and results
Saturday, 28 Oct., 4:00 pm