Work and psyche

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4. Werkleitz Biennale real[work]

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Work and psyche

In the course of the technological progress, the automation and the internet, a new rationality and new forms of individuality in society will gain acceptance. This process has already started, and it can’t be stopped. The meaning of this development for our psychological conditions will be shown in this lecture. Dividing personality into useful and useless parts accelerates the decline of the individual identity. At the same time it will be necessary to form a personality which enables an autonomy of action through spontaneity, consciousness, and intimacy within society. This will take place in crisis-prone tests. But we also know of the usefulness of identity crisises. These crisises seem to be necessary preconditions for changes. It will become dangerous though if the crisis becomes permanent, and thus has a forming influence on the patterns of interpretation. It will also become dangerous if only useful, unconnected fragments of the personality are still existing. If the personality is split in useful and useless parts, then parts of the personality will be split off - we know this from the psychosomatics.

This splitting process, the splitting of parts of the personality as well as assigning specific abilities and skills to company realities is the basic process for functional instrumental behaviour patterns. These instrumental patterns, as presented as personality in a conformist behaviour, remain full of gaps and non-historical, ethically doubtful because the pure conformity process doesn’t allow the personality to be developed.

The aim of this performance is to show some possibilities for our psychological development, how to get a personality who is able to guide his/her own existence by evening out forces which often seem to be incompatible, a man in equilibrium.

Matthias Sell (D), Work and psyche, 2000