Wir kennen uns übrigens

Root Event

4. Werkleitz Biennale real[work]
Wir kennen uns übrigens
D 1998

Three layers of film material (Alexander Kluges „Artisten unter der Zirkuskuppel: ratlos“ (1968), a portrait of Jane Birkin by Agnes Varda (1987) and newly shot video footage) are assembled as a discontinous sequence of short scenes in „Wir kennen uns übrigens“ (by the way, we met). A semantic field becomes reconstructable in the array of references and overlappings: it is the history of searching, searching for a job at first, the concrete situation of an application, the conflict of dependencies and the wish to have one’s way. But the narrative frame remains pervious and in the erratic, sometimes strange light, which text and image give to each other, the film can be read as broken reflection of one’s own behaviour.

Frances Scholz (D), Wir kennen uns übrigens, 1998, Video, 4:30 min, col