Wildschweingeschichten - Emil im Zoo

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Werkleitz Festival 2011 ZOO

Parent Event

Wildschweingeschichten - Emil im Zoo
DDR 1981
Wildschweingeschichten, DDR 1981, © Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv

By his pioneering observations of wild boar Heinz Meynhardt, a hobby biologist, has not only turned into a luminary of GDR biology but also into a well-known figure in public TV. In the 10-episodes-serial Wildschweingeschichten / Boar Story he tells about his experiences with a horde of wild boar. This episode shows how tusker Emil from Meynhardt’s horde has been captured and put into the zoo and there founds a new horde with wild sow Emma.

Heinz Meynhardt, DDR 1981, 14 min; from the archive: Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv. By courtasy of Margot Meynhardt.