What can computers teach us about emotions?

Presentation EMARE Residency 2017
What can computers teach us about emotions?
8. 12. 2017


Coralie Vogelaar (MedienkünstlerIn)
© Coralie Vogelaar

Coralie Vogelaar from Amsterdam is an artist who makes systematic conducted studies revealing the mechanisms within our visual culture by using quantitative research methods. At the moment she is using image recognition, eye-tracking and emotion recognition software. She will talk about a new work – in the making at Werkleitz – on the subject of emotion recognition from an algorithmic point of view, resulting in non-verbal communication between two chat bots in an uncanny way. The presentation will be in English, approx. 90 min. and with no entry fee! 

The presentation will take place at Werkleitz, Schleifweg 6 in Halle (Saale).