Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen

Werkleitz Festival 2018
Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen
20. 10. to 4. 11. 2018
Salerno © werkleitz 2016

Get and Bring means logistics as a ubiquitous discipline, a paradigm of the globalized world. Logistics is not just a fast-growing sector of the economy, but also determines the rhythm and rhythm of our time. Its principle is to operationalize and optimize almost every process within our society with mathematical means. Where logistics builds on infrastructures of deindustrialized economic and living spaces, the expectations of prosperity linked to them become a promise. Here, the production of movement and information replaces the production of goods. The international positions of the exhibition as well as the film and performance program place the festival theme in a global context through artistic analysis.

20. 10. 2018 to 04. 11. 2018
Ausstellung 20. 10. 2018 to 04. 11. 2018
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